Volunteer Programs

The volunteer program offers a unique opportunity to live and work in Argentina as a volunteer. Experience the cultural richness of our country by collaborating with social institutions and organisations.
This program will allow you to make a valuable contribution to Argentinian society and build a cultural bridge between Argentina and your home country.

Why volunteer in Argentina?
Because it allows you to broaden your professional and personal horizons, get to know the Argentinian culture, improve your level of Spanish and increase your professional and personal skills by building a network of international friends.

Who can participate?
The program is open to any applicant who wishes to have new experiences and meet people from different cultures: students, graduates, retirees, professionals… everyone is welcome.

Volunteer options
Participants can choose their area of interest. Possible fields of interest include social work, cultural work, education, tourism, among others.

Accommodation and program duration
During the program you can choose where to stay: a hotel, a student residence, a homestay or a shared apartment.
The minimum duration is 1 month. If you are thinking of staying for more than 3 months, we recommend that you organise a visa before your arrival.

The program includes

  • Accommodation management
  • Reception service on arrival at the airport
  • Networking, interviews and paperwork
  • Orientation and information
  • Participation in social and cultural activities organised by Explore-Spanish
  • Interview with Explore Spanish’s Volunteer Coordinator

Learn Spanish with your volunteer work

We recommend that you take a Spanish course before you start your volunteer work or while you are doing it. It will help you to communicate better and enjoy your experience in Argentina. If you wish, we can help you choose a Spanish course in combination with your volunteer work. You can also take an online Spanish course, if you prefer to do this from home before moving to Argentina.


The teaching and learning methodology called “Natural Transmission” is designed to help students gain confidence in social interaction through the development of assertive communication and awareness of how cultural differences influence relationships.

The pillars of the methodology are:

● NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
● Mindfulness
● MicroLearning
● Educational Coaching

In short, the focus is on the student being the protagonist of the class, learning by doing in a collaborative process with the Tutor. Knowledge is not reduced to the mere reception of information through the sensory channels and its storage in the brain. Nor does it consist only of internalising skills and values. It is a complex process that simultaneously unifies, through neural maps, activities which seem so far away, such as thoughts, images, emotions and feelings, movements and experiences. Therefore, the most important thing is to stimulate the active participation of students in order to generate multiple neural maps and their behavioral patterns.

Levels and Groups

The levels are defined according to the classification established by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) through a Diagnostic Activity in which the 4 skills are measured: speaking, listening, writing and reading.
The groups are formed on the basis of age range, language level and interests which enhances the learning process.


  • General Spanish

  • Spanish for Specific Purposes

  • General Spanish + Specific Spanish

  • Spanish + Local Dances

  • Spanish + Gastronomy

  • Spanish + Coaching

  • Spanish + NLP

  • Spanish + Mindfulness

  • Spanish + Nature

  • Spanish for Teachers

  • DELE Exam Preparation

  • Customized Individual Classes

  • Neuronal Rehabilitation through Learning Spanish

  • Spanish for Companies

  • Spanish + Networking

  • Others, to be developed according to the student/client